Workers and Wages

This is a summary of Nathaniel’s thoughts on workers and wages, read his full proposals here

Road-Construction.jpgCommunity Wellness – Quality of Life

Communities that invest in education, art, parks, trails and preservation attract talented people.  Jobs and business investment come to desirable cities. To keep our city strong we must continue to invest in our people and grow good, living wage jobs.

By focusing on the Quality of Life in Olympia, we can improve the overall wellness of our workers, the economy, and our community.

Predictive Scheduling Adds Productivity

I am calling upon the Washington State Legislature to take action during the 2020 legislative session to implement predictive scheduling rules for employers in the retail, hospitality, and food services industries that have at least 500 employees worldwide.

If the Legislature fails to adopt this in 2020, I will work with our local jurisdictions to implement this regionally.  While it is better to act statewide, it is necessary to act regardless.

A Living Wage for all Workers

I propose to create an Olympia Livable Income Advisory Committee to deliver an action plan for increasing the minimum wage in Olympia. The Committee will collect and research pertinent data to advise the Mayor and City Council on how best to adjust minimum compensation levels for low-wage workers. The Committee is directed to develop these recommendations while taking into account the existing conditions facing employers and workers, such as changing state employment rules, to ensure that Olympia businesses continue to thrive. The committee would include broad and diverse perspectives, such as local businesses, unions, and the Chamber of Commerce.

Education and Job Training

No student should finish trade school or job training with debt. That debt is a drag on households and the community — keeping people from buying homes, investing in new businesses, or filling basic needs.  Our community college and trade schools must continue to respond to job market opportunities and our students should be debt free.  Preparing future generations for the job market is fundamental to our city’s economy. Families who have the capacity to finance a student’s education are expected to cover these costs.  When the cost of attendance exceeds expected family contributions, financial aid is available. I will convene the Economic Development Council, Chambers of Commerce, the Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council, labor and other resources to identify the many paths Olympians can take to get the training they need for success.

Read Nathaniel’s full proposals here


Policy Statement #3 – June 18, 2019