Safe Stations are on the cutting edge of new treatment methods

OLYMPIA — A stigma free, no-barrier entry point for immediate treatment.  An open door to recovery. This program is in place in 39 cities across the nation.  Last month, our State’s first Safe Station opened in Tacoma. Nathaniel Jones believes the second should be in Olympia.

“Opioid addiction is just one of the many causes of homelessness, but our current strategies don’t seem to reverse the trend of growing addiction,” says Jones.  “We need a new approach- we need several new approaches, but this one is well worth piloting.”

The beauty of the Safe Station concept is that it is an open door- you don’t need to have an appointment.  You don’t wait for access. Immediately, on entry, an early assessment will determine if someone needs to be transferred to a hospital for emergency treatment, or if another treatment option fits the need. Timely access to treatment is critical to success.

“We’ve tried many things to fight the scourge of addiction,” says Jones. “Yet the problem seems larger than ever.  Barriers to entry must not just be lowered, they must be removed entirely.

Nathaniel Jones will be seeking collaboration, and quick implementation of a Safe Station in Olympia.