Onward to November

Onward to November

August 21, 2019

Olympia’s primary election has been certified and Nathaniel Jones is moving forward to face the incumbent in November’s General Election.

The primary is settled and I am excited to carry this campaign on to November, sharing an expanded vision with the community. Through this campaign I have met with thousands of Olympians, and I have learned from each one.

The Jones campaign offers a heartfelt thanks to Phil Cornell, Brenden Clerget, and David Ross.  They made a huge commitment by running, and we are better for it. These candidates offered some excellent ideas.  The primary election results confirm that the community is looking for a new direction and action that will address Olympia’s significant challenges.

In forums, on the streets, and at many front doors, I have spent these last months listening.  And I have heard you. In response to the voters’ input, I am launching a series of expanded initiatives, some bold and some audacious.  I will be laying out a new path for our community, and I hope you will join in the conversation.  

I ask you to listen.  I ask you to speak. I ask you to dialogue with us.  And, I ask you to vote for Jones in November.


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