Climate Disruption, Sea Level Rise & Our Children

This is a summary of Nathaniel's thoughts on climate change, read his full proposals here

Policy Statement #4 – July 11, 2019


Climate change is upon us as we witness strange weather events, changes in habitat, and the rapid loss of polar ice, glaciers, and coastal communities.   Olympia faces tidal flooding, winter river floods, respiratory diseases, invasive plants, animals and microbes, and an influx of climate refugees. Wildfires, ocean acidification, species migration, flooding and drought threaten our way of life, our economy, and our prospects for the future. 


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Workers and Wages

This is a summary of Nathaniel’s thoughts on workers and wages, read his full proposals here

Road-Construction.jpgCommunity Wellness – Quality of Life

Communities that invest in education, art, parks, trails and preservation attract talented people.  Jobs and business investment come to desirable cities. To keep our city strong we must continue to invest in our people and grow good, living wage jobs.

By focusing on the Quality of Life in Olympia, we can improve the overall wellness of our workers, the economy, and our community.

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Impacting Homelessness

This is a summary of Nathaniel's thoughts on impacting homelessness, read his full proposals here

tiny_homes.jpgOlympia’s voters have made it clear they want the city to act to relieve the plight of vulnerable people and the effects of homelessness on our city. As Mayor, I will lead a firm but compassionate effort to move people from the street into homes and transform downtown Olympia into a safe and inviting activity center.

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Collaborative Leadership

This is a summary of Nathaniel's thoughts on collaborative leadership, read his full proposals here.

Policy Statement #1 – June 3, 2019

Collaboration.jpgThe foundational skill of any elected official is to listen and seek understanding.  Representative government requires understanding of the community’s values, concerns, and aspirations; only then can a leader identify common ground and feasible responses.

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