Collaborative Leadership

This is a summary of Nathaniel's thoughts on collaborative leadership, read his full proposals here.

Policy Statement #1 – June 3, 2019

Collaboration.jpgThe foundational skill of any elected official is to listen and seek understanding.  Representative government requires understanding of the community’s values, concerns, and aspirations; only then can a leader identify common ground and feasible responses.

An effective Mayor is not a “boss” who arrives with a sense of mandate for his or her agenda — especially in Olympia, where the Mayor’s formal powers are limited to presiding over Council meetings and representing the City.  In our community the Mayor must be a steward and guardian of the public’s trust, who leads by encouraging open dialog and advancing and defending common purpose.

Leadership is not the ability to push through an agenda, rather it is the ability to bridge divides and identify viable outcomes that benefit the community. This is the role of the Mayor.

I will work to translate this approach into a comprehensive set of policies and a new approach for our community through a shared set of basic principles, and through actions that address community needs in a way that honors these principles.

Key Principles of Collaborative Leadership in Olympia

  • Listen first.  Only by really hearing each other can we find understanding.
  • Empathize.  Work to understand one another’s perspectives, pressures and hopes.
  • Communicate Proactively.  Reach out continuously, regularly, and authentically.
  • Value both compromise and common ground.  Start with common ground.
  • Hear all voices.  Equal opportunity and access enable all to participate freely.

Putting it into Action

  • Engage our Advisory Committees.  I commit to personally visit every advisory committee in the first half of 2020, and significantly increase the breadth and depth of issues that they address.
  • Engage our Neighborhoods.  I commit to increasing the number of people represented by active RNA’s by 50%.  As Mayor, I commit to hosting quarterly meetings with our leaders in the RNA program, and monthly sessions with the Council of Neighborhood Associations.
  • Engage Community Groups.  I will use multiple strategies to reach out and engage a broad representation of local organizations.
  • Engage our Neighbor Jurisdictions.  Forging solid relationships with neighboring jurisdictions is vital to strong collaboration and agility.  It is the role of the Mayor to facilitate and foster this.

This is a summary of Nathaniel's thoughts on collaborative leadership, read his full proposals here.